DiscoverOur Story

The Perfect Match is a restaurant and bar offering British/European food with a hand-picked selection of wines and drinks chosen to compliment each dish perfectly.

It is created by the owners; Jazz (Head Chef) and Andrea (Sommelier) and together, we share our passion for food and drinks and believe that great food deserves just the right accompaniment.

Through our frequently changing menu choices, we recommend “the perfect match” for each one of our dishes.


Andrea was born in Valdobbiadene, the heart of the Prosecco area, in north-east of Italy at just 80km from Venice.

His family have been making Prosecco for four generations, including himself who grew up on the vineyard making wine, it was in fact in his blood to do so. At the age of 14 he started his studies at the viticulture and ecologic technical institute of Conegliano learning more in depth about agriculture and wine making.

Education & Experience 

At 16 he started his Sommelier courses with the FISAR and at the age of 19 he obtained his Sommelier qualification and he got his Enotechnician qualification. He was working actively on the family business where his passion for wine grew. At the age of 22 he decided to take the chance to travel and he moved to London, here is where his career in hospitality began. After a few experiences in different restaurants  he started some other wine courses with the WSET; reaching the 3rd level qualification in wine and spirits. In 2014 he was offered  a Job as sommelier at The Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay where he spent around  4 years gaining experience and knowledge. In his time at The Savoy Andrea was promoted several times and made it all the way to Assistant  Head Sommelier,  and most importantly for him this is where he met Jazz. What was supposed to be just a few months work experience abroad ended up changing completely his life.

In 2018 Andrea and Jazz decide to move back to Manchester to make their dream come true.


Education & Experience 

At just just 15 Jacinda (Jazz) took her first steps into the kitchens at The Midland Hotel, Manchester.

After always wanting to be a chef through school at Altrincham College Of Arts she decided to complete her work experience at The Midland Hotel where she was then offered a job. 

She was going to school in the week and working at The French on weekends, once leaving school Jazz enrolled on a catering and hospitality course at Trafford college and continued to work at the Midland working all across the kitchens from fine dining, brasserie, banquets room service and pastry as commis chef. 

At 18 knowing there was more to learn out there Jazz packed her bags and moved to London, she was offered a job at The Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay. Commis chef in the big smoke learning from talented chefs she was given a string of promotions and made it to Senior chef de partie, mastering all sections of the Kitchen larder, grill, veg, sauce, fish and pastry. 

Not to forget this is where Andrea and jazz met and discovered there joint passion for food and wine. 

After 3 years at The Savoy she was then offered a job at The Typing Room, Bethnal Green London who were aiming for a Michelin star.  After her time at The Typing Room Jazz was then offered a job as sous chef at the new opening of Hawksmoor, Borough market London where she was now into more of a management role.

Andrea & Jazz

Whilst living in their flat in Whitechapel, East London Jazz and Andrea had an idea (at that point it was just a dream) about opening their own restaurant “The perfect Match” show casing the skills they have learnt along the way and how food and wine really is something to celebrate. 

The logo would be a wine glass and a chef’s knife either side of the words “The Perfect Match” to symbolize a chef and sommelier. On the menu, which would be small enough to cook everything to perfection but large enough to please everyone with each dish there would be an optional glass of wine/drink to match. 

We packed our bags once again moved to Manchester and began to make this a reality. 

Working at well known restaurants in Manchester alongside renovating the restaurant we can now proudly present you with The Perfect match!